OSD Hacks

From JoeHacker

General Notes

This pages is for info about the Neuros OSD.

I'm not sure if it is mentioned elsewhere, but I had to add the following boot environment variables in order for nfs boot to work. It should be mentioned in method 1 under dhcp

setenv nfs_serverip your-workstation's-ip  
setenv nfs_root /path/to/neuros-bsp/rootfs/fs 

These are required in /etc/init.d/mountall.sh for NFS mounts.

For an Ubuntu x86_64 system, you need to install the libc6-i386 package in order for the build script to work.

DHCP Booting

From http://wiki.neurostechnology.com/index.php/Derobert%27s_Guide_to_the_On-Screen_Display:_NetBooting_the_OSD

Method 1

You must perform the optional DHCP server setup in order to use this method. This is the preferred method, but is generally only available if you're using a full DHCP server, not a SoHo router. It's not the most common situation.

This method is very easy, as nearly all the configuration information is stored on the DHCP server. The alternative is to store it all on the OSD as in Method 2 below.

setenv bootargs $(console) root=/dev/nfs rw ip=dhcp $(mem_reserve)
setenv bootcmd dhcp\; bootm
setenv nfs_serverip  
setenv nfs_root /srv/neuros-osd-rootfs 

Reverting to booting from flash

If you want to revert to booting from flash, you can just do

  setenv bootcmd run cramfs_boot

Or you can just boot from flash once by doing

  run cramfs_boot

NFS Mounting Options

To mount NFS drives create the following files in /mnt/OSD


sh /mnt/OSD/bootscript.sh &



sleep 10;
mkdir /mnt/tmpfs/mount_CF-card/data/shortcuts/data;

mount -t nfs /mnt/tmpfs/media/ext/data/shortcuts/data -o rw,nolock,tcp,nfsvers=3;